Campaign Internet Videos: 'Sopranos' Spoof vs. 'Obama Girl'

Source Organization: Pew Research Center

07/12/2007 - Short videos produced for the internet are becoming an important component of campaign news. In some cases, candidates themselves are producing videos and releasing them on their campaign websites. Candidates also are seeing their own gaffes or embarrassing moments packaged in a brief video and put up on the web for all to see. And while these videos originate on the internet, more people are viewing them on TV than online.

This week's News Interest Index poll tested four popular campaign-related videos to measure public awareness of each and to determine where people have seen the videos -- on the internet or on television. Many Americans are aware of these videos, but most report that they have seen them on TV. The four videos included in the poll were Hillary and Bill Clinton's parody of the final episode of "The Sopranos;" a video entitled "I Got a Crush on Obama;" footage of John McCain joking about bombing Iran; and a tape of John Edwards brushing his hair to the tune of "I Feel Pretty." Fully 44% of the public have heard of at least one of the four videos and 27% have seen at least one.

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