Editorial: Nation's Foster Children Deserve Stable Families

Publication: Honolulu Advertiser

Author: Elijah Sanchez

04/08/2007 - For many people, birthdays mean celebration. Not me: I entered Hawai'i's foster care system at the age of 15, so my "sweet 16th" birthday was neither sweet nor happy. I had been separated from my two siblings and was living with people who didn't care about me. All I got was a pat on the back — no present, no card. I thought to myself, "How many other foster children experience birthdays like this?"The answer is too many. Each year, more than 500,000 children spend their birthdays in foster care, separated from brothers and sisters, moving from home to home, school to school. I spent four years in foster care and moved five times.

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The editorial was written by Elijah Sanchez, a former foster child.

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