Editorial: Forever Moving, Always Yearning for Stablility

Publication: Indianapolis Star

Author: Sharde Armstrong

04/08/2007 - What I remember most about growing up in foster care is the constant moving. It seemed I was moving every month, and with each placement I moved farther from the concept of family.There are more than 9,700 children in Indiana's foster care system today. These children spend an average of nearly two birthdays in care, move more than three times while in the system, and can be separated from their brothers and sisters for months or years. I spent 12 years in foster care in Indiana, moved more than 16 times, and attended more than eight schools.

With the separation from friends and family, the constant moving and the need to adjust to different houses, schools and schedules, it is not easy to grow up in foster care. Yet that is exactly what thousands of children are doing each year -- growing up in a system that was intended to be temporary but has become a long-term destination.

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The editorial was written by Sharde Armstrong, who is a former foster child, and it mentions Kids Are Waiting.

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