Editorial: No Fish Story, Imagine a World Without Seafood

Publication: The Washington Post

11/03/2006 - For years, scientists, environmentalists, responsible fishermen and others who care about the health of marine ecosystems have been warning about overfishing and other practices that destroy oceanic biodiversity. The message has been clear to anyone who cared to listen: Reform fishing rules or the oceans will die -- and sooner than you think. How soon? A new paper by a team of respected scientists estimates that unless policymakers take substantial steps to preserve marine biodiversity, the world will face "the global collapse of all taxa currently fished by the mid-21st century." Given how variably fisheries are managed, that may be too dire. Then again, it may not; in many countries, fisheries management is a disaster. And in many parts of this country, it's little better. A lot of fisheries have already collapsed. And destructive fishing practices continue as though the oceans represent a limitless supply, rather than a series of delicate ecosystems more easily destroyed than repaired.Read the full article on the Washington Post's Web site.

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