Pew Scholar Wins Lasker Prize

09/27/2006 - Carol W. Greider, a 1990 Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences, is among a trio of leading scientists who have won the 2006 Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research, one of the most prestigious awards in American science and often referred to as “the American Nobel.” The Pew Scholars program identifies and invests in some of America’s most promising mid-to-early career researchers, providing crucial early support that enables them to take calculated risks and follow unanticipated leads to maximize the benefits of their research for society. Launched by the Trusts in 1985, the initiative has invested more than $100 million to fund nearly 400 scholars. It is administered by the University of California at San Francisco.

Dr. Greider is a researcher at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She and two colleagues were recognized by the Lasker Foundation for their work involving “the prediction and discovery of telomerase, a remarkable RNA-containing enzyme that synthesizes the ends of chromosomes, protecting them and maintaining the integrity of the genome.” 

For more information, visit the Pew Scholars in the Biomedical Sciences page.

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