When the Bough Breaks

Publication: Indian Country Today

Author: David Simmons and Kristy Alberty

03/17/2006 - Many child welfare professionals and tribal, state and federal leaders have been pushing for changes in the foster care system. Those advocating for changes in the current system charge that the children are not being served effectively, and accountability must be increased.American Indians and Alaska Natives are feeling the impacts of the inadequacy of the current child welfare system, too; and tribal governments continue to be ineligible for some basic federal funding, such as Title IV-E Foster Care and Adoption Assistance, further hampering their ability to help abused and neglected children under their care.

Entering into this debate was a national advocate to improve the lives of foster children in the United States. The Pew Commission on Children in Foster Care began its study on May 7, 2003. Its task: develop practical recommendations related to federal financing and court oversight of child welfare to improve outcomes for children in foster care, especially moving children out of foster care and into safe, permanent families.

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