Endangering Children

Publication: The Washington Times

Author: Rosemary C. McDonough

11/28/2005 - David lived with his mother and her boyfriend in a trailer heated by a vat of boiling kerosene. One day, David complained about being cold. So, his mother's boyfriend threw him into the boiling kerosene. Social workers removed David from his mother's custody and placed him in foster care. The courts gave her two years to provide a suitable home for David, but she couldn't do it. Though the third-degree burns over David's body are still visible, far worse are the invisible scars he bears for lack of a stable family.Takira's mother loves her very much. But she's addicted to cocaine. Takira's mother put her in foster care so she could overcome her addiction. For three years, she's been in and out of rehab, while Takira moves from one foster home to another. Takira's mom has been clean for 10 months now. She hopes to get Takira back -- some day.

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