Social Trends: Calling Mom On Mother’s Day . . . And The Day Before Or After

Source Organization: Pew Research Center

05/15/2006 - If form holds, Mother's Day will once again be the busiest Sunday of the year for telephone volume. But the traditional holiday phone call to mom may not have the pop it once had - not because fewer sons and daughters remember to call, but because more are already talking to mom every other day of the year.

This rise in daily communication between adult children and their parents is a byproduct of a modern communication revolution that has made phoning less expensive and more convenient, according to a recent Pew Research Center report.

Back in 1989, when long distance telephone calls were more costly and cell phones were exotic devices, just 8% of adults maintained daily contact with a parent or parents who lived in a different town. Today, nearly triple that number - 22% - do.

There has also been a smaller - but not statistically significant - increase in daily contact among adult children and a parent or parents who live in the same town. As of 2005, 56% of adults living in the same town as their parent or parents, reported that they saw or talked to such a nearby parent every day.

Read the full report Families Drawn Together By Communication Revolution on the Pew Research Center Web site. 

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