55% of Adult Internet Users Have Broadband at Home or Work(2)

Source Organization: Pew Research Center

04/19/2004 - The number of Americans with access to high-speed Internet connections either at home or work is growing. As of March 1, 2004 the Pew Internet & American Life Project finds that 68 million adult Americans log on via broadband either at home or work. Fully 48 million adult Americans have broadband connections at home.

This is the first time the Project has tried to capture the total broadband universe and the relatively high figures suggest that broadband use is much greater than is widely presumed.

Impatience with tiresomely slow dial-up connections seems to tip home users into the broadband column, and this impatience plays a larger role than price of service in home adoption. Broadband in the home is increasingly the norm for the wealthier and better educated in America, as well as long-time Internet users. But there is evidence that relatively novice Internet users are moving from dial-up to broadband more rapidly than before.

Rural users lag in broadband adoption, and infrastructure availability is a reason for this.

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