Lenski on Exit Polls in the 2006 Elections

Source Organization: Pew Research Center

Author: Andrew Kohut

09/28/2006 - In an exclusive interview, Joe Lenski, co-founder and Executive Vice President of Edison Media Research discusses the November midterm exit polls. He reflects on conducting his first election day survey following the death of his former partner, exit poll pioneer Warren Mitofsky. He also reveals the steps that he and his colleagues have taken to avoid problems associated with the 2004 poll. Lenski is an expert in the operation and organization of survey research and has been involved in every major exit poll conducted in the last decade for the television networks. Under his supervision, in partnership with Mitofsky International, Edison Media Research currently conducts all exit polls and election projections for the six major news organizations -- ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC and the Associated Press.

Interviewer: Andrew Kohut, President, Pew Research Center

Read the Lenksi interview on the Pew Research Center's Web site.

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