Radio News Roundtable: The Road Ahead for News Radio - The State of the News Media 2006

Source Organization: Project for Excellence in Journalism

07/19/2006 - The year began on a sobering note for the terrestrial radio industry. With increasing competition from satellite, online and now portable devices such as MP3 players, radio advertising revenues in the first five months of 2006 dipped one percent from the same time period a year ago. In addition, CBS radio recently announced plans to sell off some of its stations in smaller markets and eliminate 115 jobs. Where does audio (or radio) lie on the fragmenting old media vs. new media spectrum? Can this medium, with its long, rich history, evolve to fit a changing information universe, or is it an endangered species? Experts in the industry answered this and other questions in the second of the Project for Excellence in Journalism's series of roundtable discussions about the future of journalism. 

Bill Buzenberg, Senior Vice President, News - Minnesota Public Radio
Tim Curran, News Director, Sirius OutQ
Adam Powell, Director, Integrated Media Systems Center, USC and Author of 'Reinventing Local News' (2004)
Dale Willman, Executive Editor, Field Notes Productions and Freelance Correspondent, NPR

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