IssuesPA/Pew Poll Shows Vast Differences in Voter Values Across Commonwealth

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10/02/2006 - The Pennsylvania Economy League today released new information from its most recent statewide poll, including reports on voter values ineach of five regions and a report on the values most impacting the upcoming state elections. The new information provides a detailed glimpse of Pennsylvania voter attitudes and insights into what factiors may be most influencing the elections for Governor and Senate this fall. Highlights follow:

  • Southwestern PA, South Central PA and the “Rest of State” are all distinguished by a preference for putting gun owners’ rights before gun control. Northeastern PA and Southwestern PA are regions where people are more likely to support the aggressive use of military force. Southwestern PA, Northeastern PA, and “Rest of State” are regions where people are less accepting of immigrants and/or the use of a second language besides English in schools and official communications. The growing South Central PA region is a place where concern about keeping taxes down is highest.
  • People who live in Philadelphia city and suburban Southeastern PA display very different political values than those living in the other four other regions. Support for gun control is the top distinguishing political value in both regions. Residents of these two regions are defined by their greater acceptance of immigrants and the use of a second language. Those living in the city tend to be less supportive of using aggressive military force; those in the Southeastern suburbs are more internationalist in their perspective.
  • Despite all the differences in values, the Democrats are doing well this year in trial heats in all the regions. One thing the regions all have in common is a dissatisfaction with George W. Bush’s job performance. In no region does Bush approval reach 40 percent.
About the Poll

The September 2006 IssuesPA/Pew Poll, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Economy League and The Pew Charitable Trusts, was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. Telephone interviews were conducted from September 11-18, 2006 with 1,504 Pennsylvania adults, age 18 and over, of which 1,201 identified themselves as registered voters. The results have been statistically weighted to correct known demographic discrepancies. The overall margin of sampling error for results based on registered voters is plus or minus three percentage points.

About IssuesPA

IssuesPA is a nonpartisan statewide awareness project focused exclusively on raising the issues most critical to Pennsylvania's economic future. The Pennsylvania Economy League initially launched IssuesPA to promote issue awareness around the 2002 gubernatorial election. IssuesPA is now the leading resource on state-level issues and policies in Pennsylvania, coupled with a dynamic, multi-media outreach strategy. IssuesPA is funded in part by The Pew Charitable Trusts, William Penn Foundation and the members of the Pennsylvania Economy League.

About the Pennsylvania Economy League 

The Pennsylvania Economy League (PEL) is an independent, nonprofit public policy research organization. PEL is a force for positive change -- the state's leading regionally based, statewide public policy organization. Working with Pennsylvania’s public and private sectors, PEL provides independent research and insight on emerging issues to stimulate public and private action to make Pennsylvania a better place to live, work, and do business. PEL’s goal is to create a knowledgeable corporate and civic audience that will ensure the Commonwealth’s economic competitiveness.

PDF Report:IssuesPA/Pew Poll Shows Vast Differences in Voter Values Across Commonwealth

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