Poll: Baker-Hamilton Report Evokes Modest Public Interest

Source Organization: Pew Research Center

12/12/2006 - Despite deep public dissatisfaction with the Iraq war, the highly anticipated report by a bipartisan panel proposing new policy options for Iraq did not register strongly with most Americans. Only about half say they heard even a little about the report released last week by the Iraq Study Group led by James Baker and Lee Hamilton, while about as many (47%) say they heard nothing at all about the group's recommendations.

The panel's major proposals have won fairly broad acceptance among those familiar with them. Six-in-ten of those who have heard at least a little about the Baker-Hamilton report say they mostly agree with its major recommendations. There also is majority support for several of the specific steps proposed by the group, including launching talks with Iran and Syria to encourage their cooperation in Iraq (69%) and shifting the primary mission of U.S. troops from fighting insurgents to supporting the Iraqi army (62%).

However, the public is highly dubious that the study group's recommendations will be accepted by the Bush administration. Fully 57% of those who have heard something about the Iraq Study Group's report say the administration will not follow the panel's major recommendations, compared with only about half that number (28%) who believe the administration will accept its proposals.

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