National Survey of Latinos: Education

Source Organization: Pew Research Center

01/26/2004 - This survey, released by the Pew Hispanic Center and the Kaiser Family Foundation, was conducted between August 7 and October 15, 2003 among a nationally representative sample of 3,421 adults.

It examines attitudes toward the public schools and a variety of education issues among Hispanics and substantial comparison samples of whites and African Americans. Distinctively Latino views emerge on many points, but there are also many clear differences between Latinos born here and those who have come from abroad. Hispanics support the use of standardized testing and are less likely than African Americans to say such tests are biased against non-white students, according to a new comprehensive survey of Latino attitudes toward education.

In general, Latinos offer positive views of their local schools, teachers and educational institutions, and Latino parents say they are active in their child’s school and involved in their education. But the survey also reveals their concerns that the educational system does not always treat Latino students fairly.


PDF Report:National Survey of Latinos: Education

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