Eastside Greenway Project

Eastside of Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Cleveland Planning Commission, Cuyahoga County Board of Health

This health impact assessment will inform and influence planning and implementation decisions related to the establishment of a trail and greenway network traversing diverse communities on Cuyahoga County’s eastside. The Eastside Greenway was initiated to connect the eastside of Cleveland and thirteen eastside suburbs through a unified trail system, connecting neighborhoods to parks, employment and recreation centers to improve quality of life by enhancing the transportation and recreational opportunities in the area, as well as, catalyzing economic development.   Specifically, the plan has the potential to impact health and equity by considering safety and perception of crime, access to parks and recreation areas, decreased motor vehicle use, access to healthy food, and access to goods and services. The multiyear planning process began in 2012, and the HIA will provide recommendations on the plan development, design, and implementation of the project. 

This HIA is funded through a Health Impact Project program grant. As part of the work to establish an HIA program in Cuyahoga County, OH, the Cleveland City Planning Commission and agency partners will develop formal criteria for selecting future HIA projects and will highlight local HIA efforts as a regional best practice through the Northeast Ohio HIA Partnership, and the Cuyahoga County Place Matters team. The Cleveland City Planning Commission is also conducting the Upper Chester Development Plan HIA, and it previously conducted the Urban Agriculture Overlay District HIA.


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