Expert Profile

Alyssa Stewart Lee

Director, American Cities Project
The Pew Charitable Trusts

Alyssa Lee is the director of Pew’s cities project, which focuses on the biggest city in each of the nation’s 30 largest metropolitan areas.  The project provides essential data and analysis to policy makers to help them better understand the role of the economy, demography and policy on cities’ fiscal health, and how well municipalities are delivering core services.  

As the strategic lead on the project’s robust municipal fiscal health agenda, Lee directs the team’s original research which supports local policy leaders in implementing data-driven decision-making, identifying proven policy approaches, evaluating current programs, reducing costs, and improving overall government performance.   She also speaks frequently with the media about national trends and local innovations.

Before joining Pew, Lee served as president and CEO at Social Compact where she focused on removing barriers in investment decision-making and defining market solutions for individuals and communities. She brings expertise from the private, government, and nonprofit sectors and has worked with organizations from small consultancies to large organizations such as Cushman & Wakefield, as well as the federal government and the Brookings Institution. Lee is also a licensed investment professional.

Lee holds a master’s degree in city and regional planning with distinction from the Georgia Institute of Technology and bachelor of arts degrees in sociology and urban studies from Northwestern University. 

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