Education As a Civil Right and Economic Driver: Empowering Individuals and Communities for the 21st Century and Beyond

Date: April 8, 2010 - April 9, 2010

Michael D. Rose Theatre
The University of Memphis
470 University Street
Memphis, TN 38152


John Morton, managing director of the Pew Economic Policy Group will be speaking at the conference Education As a Civil Right and Economic Driver: Empowering Individuals and Communities for the 21st Century and Beyond.

The events are free and open to the public. You can find more information about this event by visiting the Benjamin L. Hooks Web site.

The conference schedule is as follows:

April 8, 2010

  • 10:00 Opening remarks by Daphene R. McFerren, Director, Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change, University of Memphis

    Creating Smarter Laws: How the Child Impact Statement Reporting System is Mainstreaming Child Well-Being into Policies and Practices within Shelby County Government
    Moderator: Marian C. Levy, University of Memphis

    Julie Coffey, Deputy Administrator, Office of Early Childhood and Youth, Shelby County Government, Memphis, TN

  • 11:00 The Critical Role of Science Education in Maintaining US Competitiveness
    Moderator: Andy M. Meyers, University of Memphis

    Bruce Fuchs, Director, Office of Science Education, National Institutes of Health, Washington, DC 

  • 12:00 Lunch

  • 1:30 2 Million Minutes: The 21st Century Solution
    A film by True South Studios

  • 2:30 Café Discussion of 2 Million Minutes
    Beverly E. Cross, University of Memphis
    David Williams, Leadership Memphis

  • 3:30 “May It Please the Court:” Legal Challenges and Remedies to Address Deficiencies in Public Education
    Moderator: Daniel Kiel, University of Memphis

    How an Education Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Would Improve Public Education
    Lynn Huntley, President, Southern Education Foundation, Atlanta, GA

    Education as a Fundamental Civil Right
    Gary Williams, Professor of Law and Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. Chair in Civil Rights, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA

    Leveling Localism and Racial Inequality in Education Through the No Child Left Behind Public Choice Provision
    Erica K. Woods, Clinical Fellow, Civil Advocacy Law, Univ. of Baltimore Law School, Baltimore, MD

  • 5:30 Public Reception

  • 6:00 Plenary Address
    Moderator: Ralph Faudree, Provost, University of Memphis

    Higher Education: Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century
    Richard D. Legon, President, Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB), Washington, DC

April 9, 2010

  • 10:30 Economic Mobility and the Power of Postsecondary Education
    Moderator: Jonathan Judaken, University of Memphis

    John Morton, Managing Director, Pew Economic Policy Group,Washington, DC

  • 11:30 Robbing the Needy to Pay the Elite: Charter Schools and the Descending Opportunities of the American Masses
    Moderator: Cardell Orrin, Hooks Institute Advisory Board Member 

    Tonya Thames-Taylor, Associate Professor, West Chester Univ. of Pennsylvania, West Chester, PA

  • 12:15 Lunch

  • 1:45 Public, Charter, and Private Schools: Strategies, Initiatives, and Action to Create the Perfect Storm for Educational Reform in Memphis
    Moderator: Desi Franklin, Hooks Institute Advisory Board Member

    Victoria Van Cleef, Vice President of Staffing Initiatives, The New Teacher Project, Memphis, TN
    Jamal McCall, Executive Director, Knowledge Is Power Program
    T. Durant Fleming, Head of School,Collegiate School of Memphis
    David Williams, Executive Director,Leadership Memphis
    John Barker, Executive Director, Research, Evaluation & Assessment, Memphis City Schools

  • 4:15 How Can we Leave No Child Behind?  Lessons Learned from Building Cradle to Career Learning System
    Moderator: Nancy Coffee, Leadership Academy, Memphis, TN

    Jeff Edmondson, Executive Director, Strive, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • 5:15 Public Reception

  • 6:00 Keynote Address
    Moderator: Daphene, R. McFerren, director, Benjamin Hooks Institute for Social Change

    Raggedy Schools: Education’s Untold Truth
    Steve Perry, Founder, Capital Preparatory Magnet School, Hartford, CT
    Contributor Essence®
    Featured on CNN’s Black in America 2
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