American Evolution: Arts in the New Civic Life

Date: June 20, 2008 - June 22, 2008

Sheraton Philadelphia City Center
17th & Race Streets

Philadelphia, PA 19103


Philadelphia hosts the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention from June 20-22, 2008—American Evolution: Arts in the New Civic Life.

Philadelphia is the birthplace of American democracy, and today it is leading the evolution of civic life. From history to hip, the city is alive with creativity. Cultures abound in Philadelphia—an open and engaged metropolis that welcomes a diverse community of artists, innovators, and creators.

At this convention, Americans for the Arts will come together to share strategies for leading creative communities. We'll celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first percent-for-art ordinance in the city that created it. We'll visit traditions in arts education that date back to the founding of the country and continue on the cutting edge. We'll also fast-forward to a new vision of civic leadership being crafted daily by the collaborative spirit of Philadelphia's artists, arts administrators, business innovators, and elected leaders.

Civic life is evolving in all of our communities and the arts are at the center. In this year of democratic decision-making, join more than 1,000 of your colleagues to laugh, listen, learn, and lead in the place where it all began—and is happening again.

To register online visit the Web site of the Americans for the Arts 2008 Annual Convention.



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