GOP Wins Build Momentum for 2010

  • November 04, 2009

New Jersey and Virginia on Tuesday (Nov. 3) extended to 20 years their tradition of voting for the same political party in their off-year gubernatorial elections, as Republican Robert McDonnell easily won in Virginia and the GOP's Chris Christie unseated Jon Corzine (D) in New Jersey.

Corzine's loss — in a state that, like most, has been hit hard by the recession — portends badly for incumbents heading into next year's election season, when 37 gubernatorial seats will be contested, including at least 17 in which incumbents still are in the running. More broadly, the losses by Corzine and Virginia challenger Creigh Deeds spell trouble for Democrats, The New York Times reports.

Many states voted on ballot measures Tuesday, on questions ranging from gay marriage to state borrowing.

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