Trickle-Down Global Economics: World Already Saw U.S. Influence as Negative

  • October 07, 2008
  • By Richard Wike and Erin Carrier-Kretschmer

Around the globe, people are anxiously following the U.S. financial crisis as it evolves into a worldwide meltdown. People nearly everywhere realize that what happens in the American economy can have a big impact on them.

But even before this fall's financial crisis, a 24-nation Pew Global Attitudes survey conducted in March-April 2008 found that many in other countries already felt the U.S. economy was having a negative impact on their own country's economy.

The survey also found that publics around the world were giving their national economies increasingly negative ratings. With the U.S. receiving at least some of the blame for the world's increasingly dour economic outlook, this adds yet another challenge for America's global image.

Read the full commentary Trickle-Down Global Economics: World Already Saw U.S. Influence as Negative on the Pew Research Center Web site.