South of Market, Mission, and Potrero/Showplace Square Area Plans HIA



In December 2007, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) released the draft report “Impacts on Community Health of Area Plans for the Mission, East SoMa, and Potrero Hill / Showplace Square: An Application of the Healthy Development Measurement Tool.”  The report documented our evaluation of the draft December 2007 Eastern Neighborhoods (Mission, East SoMa, and Showplace Square/Potrero Hill) Area Plans using the Healthy Development Measurement Tool (HDMT).  Though considered “Eastern Neighborhoods,” because Bayview/Hunters Point and the Central Waterfront were significantly further along in their planning processed, the neighborhoods were excluded from the evaluation.  The report included an assessment of health‐related existing conditions and needs in the Eastern Neighborhoods, a list of Area Plan policies and implementing actions that were supportive of community health, an assessment of the Area Plans against HDMT development targets (actions development can take to support health), and additional recommendations for policies and implementing actions to improve the Area Plans with respect to community health.    

Since the release of our report in December, the Planning Department has moved forward with the adoption of the Eastern Neighborhoods Area Plans.  SFDPH has remained involved in the adoption process, providing specific feedback on Area Plan content as well as testimony during the public hearing process.  This addendum highlights SFDPH participation in the Eastern Neighborhoods Planning Process since December, and describes significant ways in which revised Area Plans released in April affect the findings of our initial evaluation.  

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