News Interest Index: McCain's Image Improves - With Big Assist From Palin

  • September 10, 2008

The American public paid a lot of attention to the presidential campaign last week as the Republican Party took center stage. More than half watched at least some television coverage of the Republican convention in St. Paul, and the speech by GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin stands out as the highlight of the event. And perhaps as a consequence, by the end of the week, John McCain's image had improved significantly.

In a poll conducted September 5-8, 35% say their opinion of McCain has become more favorable in recent days, while 24% say their opinion of the Republican nominee has become less favorable. This marks the second week in a row where changing opinions of McCain have been more positive than negative. For her part, Palin appears to have helped boost McCain's image, and her convention speech drew a highly favorable response. However, only a narrow majority (52%) says she is qualified to serve as president, while 39% say she is not qualified.

McCain's image has improved primarily among Republicans, 65% of whom say their opinion of the GOP presidential nominee has become more favorable in recent days. While McCain's big week moved Republicans' opinions, there was little change in the views of Democrats and independents.

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