PEJ Talk Show Index: November 4-9, 2007, Liberal Talkers Cheer the “I” Word – and so Does Rush

  • November 15, 2007

It's not uncommon in the polarizing world of Talk Shows that one person is held as a hero by one side of the political spectrum and a villain by the other. What is odd, however, is to have talkers from both the political right and left cheering that person on— if for opposite reasons.

So it was for Rep. Dennis Kucinich last week as he took to the House floor November 6 to introduce a measure to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney for having “manipulated the intelligence process” leading to the Iraq War.

After the measure passed the House and moved to the Judiciary Committee, over moves by the Democratic leadership to kill it, the cheers from the left side of the talk dial could hardly be contained – along with some encouraging jeers from the right.

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