PEJ News Coverage Index: October 21 - 26, 2007: 'California Burning' is the Second-biggest Story of 2007

  • November 01, 2007

Of all the coverage of last week's California wildfires, one of the more memorable moments occurred when San Diego TV reporter Larry Himmel—wearing goggles and grasping a microphone—reported on the destruction of his own home.

Pointing to a fiery pile of rubble, Himmel told viewers, “This was what is left of my home,” of a quarter century. “This was our garage; the living room was over there, there was a porch right there, the bedrooms…”

“This was a living hell,” he added. “This is what I came home to today.”

By week's end, the California wildfires took a heavy toll. Estimates include seven dead, more than 2,700 structures destroyed, up to 500,000 acres burned, and hundreds of thousands forced to evacuate.

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