Student Debt and the Class of 2006: Average Debt by State, Sector, and School

  • August 31, 2007

The Project on Student Debt has conducted a new analysis of student debt levels for the class of 2006, based on data reported by more than 1,400 four-year colleges and universities around the country.. The results provide a unique, state-level look at student loan debt, with total, public, and private sector averages for all 50 states (weighted by campus enrollment). In addition to identifying states with notably high or low average debt levels, our analysis also examined assumptions about the relationship between debt and other factors such as tuition and cost of living. Key findings include state-by-state average debt levels and rankings, as well as notable debt patterns by sector and at individual campuses.

An interactive map at provides the statewide averages and campus-by-campus data. including the average debt of graduating seniors, percentage of students with debt, tuition and fees, and percentage of students receiving Pell grants (primarily those with family incomes below $40,000).

Pew is no longer active in this line of work, but for more information, visit the Project on Student Debt Web site or visit the The Project on Student Debt on