The Economic Promise of Investing in High-Quality Preschool

  • June 20, 2006
This report, "The Economic Promise of Investing in High-Quality Preschool," builds on CED's previous work in early education by providing the economic evidence that justifies increasing investments in preschool.

In the 40 years since CED first recommended investing in preschool, it has become generally accepted that preschool programs play an important role in preparing children—both advantaged and disadvantaged—to enter kindergarten. There is also a consensus that children from disadvantaged backgrounds in particular should have access to publicly supported preschool programs that provide an opportunity for an “even start.”

The social equity arguments for preschool programs have recently been reinforced by compelling economic evidence which suggests that society at large benefits from investing in these programs. Broadening access to preschool programs for all children is a cost-effective investment that pays dividends for years to come and will help ensure our states' and our nation's future economic productivity.