Pre-K and Politics 2005

  • March 01, 2006
2005 was a banner year for high-quality pre-k. Across the nation, states made substantial new commitments, grew existing programs, and provided support for professional development and other quality-building efforts. Of course, not all the news was good. In some states, governors failed to advance programs that benefit children, while in others, inadequate governance left programs rudderless. This report takes a closer look at the year's pre-k winners and losers and identifies those states where pre-k is at a crossroads.

With "Pre-K and Politics 2005," Pre-K Now shares strategies for success that we hope will spur advocates, parents, and policy makers to action in the new year. Success in 2006 will require redoubled commitments; bold, creative strategies; and an unwavering focus on young children and our national future.