Rise, Peak and Decline: Trends in U.S. Immigration 1992–2004

  • September 27, 2005
  • By Jeffrey S. Passel and Roberto Suro
A report by the Pew Hispanic Center, "Rise, Peak and Decline: Trends in U.S. Immigration 1992–2004," provides the first detailed analysis of recent year-to-year immigration flows to the United States. Jeffrey S. Passel, one of the nation's most respected demographers in the field of immigration and a senior research associate at the Center, breaks down the overall increases in the foreign-born population that the United States has experienced since the early 1990s into estimates of annual flows and charts key changes in its major components, including countries of origin and legal status. With co-author and Center director Roberto Suro, Passel offers insights into the pace and content of migration. The report is based on multiple data sources compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau.