Voting Information Project

The 21st Century Transmission Line From Election Administrators to Voters


Quick Summary

This March 2010 report explains how the Pew Center on the States, through the Voting Information Project, is working with election officials across the nation to provide cutting edge technology tools to make voting information accessible online to all Americans.

The Voting Information Project (VIP) is an innovative and proven service that uses the latest technology to provide voters with the information they need to cast a ballot—when they need it and where they are most likely to look for it.

Paying bills, ordering flowers, finding movie show times and locating popular restaurants online requires little effort for individuals in today's digital society.  But, the same convenience doesn't apply to voters seeking basic Election Day information.  Despite the fact that approximately 120 million people went online in search of answers to their questions about the general election in 2008, no standardized, reliable source currently exists for voters to obtain basic Election Day information such as the location of their polling place, candidates and issues on the ballot, identification requirements and requests for or instructions about absentee ballots.

Through the Voting Information Project, the Pew Center on the States is partnering with election officials across the country to make official election information more widely available to all voters.

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