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The Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative in West Virginia


In July 2014, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, Senate President Jeffrey Kessler, and House Speaker Timothy Miley extended a formal partnership invitation to the Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative. The state plans to use the Results First approach to determine which state-funded programs are providing optimal returns on investment and to promote data-driven decision-making in budget and policy matters.


The West Virginia Results First Initiative will start its analysis with the adult criminal justice system. During the first phase, key state leaders will serve on a policy working group, which will oversee the effort and receive the results. Members of that group include Senate President Kessler, Senate Majority Leader John Unger, House Speaker Miley, House Majority Leader Harry Keith White, and other legislative leaders; representatives from Governor Tomblin's office; Corrections Commissioner Jim Rubenstein; and Rick Staton, director of the Division of Justice and Community Services.

The technical working group for the first phase will include staff from the West Virginia Division of Corrections, Division of Justice and Community Services, Administrative Office of the Courts, budget office, and House and Senate Finance Committees. Legislative leaders selected Kevin Baker, counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, to serve as the Results First project manager.

Analysis of the adult criminal justice system began in July 2014.

Next steps

After the analysis of the adult criminal justice system, the West Virginia Results First Initiative will expand its work to include analysis of the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

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