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Caught in the Middle: The Story of Western and Central Pacific Bigeye Tuna

A conflict is brewing in the western and central Pacific Ocean, and bigeye tuna are caught in the middle. On one side, fishermen using longlines are targeting mature bigeye, the largest and most valuable by pound of the tropical tuna species. On the other, vessels primarily fishing for skipjack tuna are bringing in thousands of tons of juvenile bigeye each year in large purse seine nets. Together, these two fisheries are catching too many bigeye tuna, threatening the future of this population.

Even though there is clear scientific advice on the steps needed to protect this fish, including reducing the catch of bigeye of all ages, the countries whose fleets catch this tuna have not agreed to or implemented an effective solution. As fishing pressures increase, it is more important than ever that they come together to end the destructive status quo.

Story of Bigeye Tuna

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Topics: Oceans, Environment

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