Fact Sheet

Electric Vehicles

The Pew Clean Energy Program's electric vehicle (EV) initiative is working to identify and highlight state and local best practices that will help attract investment in clean transportation and promote smart EV policies.

Electric Vehicle

Deploying Electric Vehicles

Pew's clean energy economy research clearly demonstrates that policy matters: Where effective public policy exists, private investment and job growth will follow. Policies that lead to greater adoption of EVs can help drivers and businesses access low-cost domestic energy that is unaffected by the price volatility of the global petroleum market. By decreasing spending on foreign oil, consumers and businesses can choose to invest more money at home and help reduce the trade deficit. Domestic development and production of EV technologies also can ensure U.S. global leadership in a sector that will attract billions in private investment and create jobs.

State and Local Policies

Elected officials across the country are considering policies to attract investment in the EV manufacturing supply chain, promote domestic energy sources, secure local investment, and protect consumers and businesses from spiking gasoline prices. To realize these benefits, states and municipalities must remove market barriers to EV deployment.

Establishing Best Practices

Pew is committed to highlighting state and local best practices that can spur adoption of EVs, including:

  • Structure of effective public-private partnerships.
  • Use of targeted monetary and nonmonetary incentives.
  • Promotion of public- and private-sector EV fleets.
  • Harmonization of key permitting and inspection processes.
  • Installation of necessary infrastructure to recharge these vehicles.

Through engagement with public, private, and nonprofit stakeholders, Pew will work to research and identify the best public policy practices in state and local jurisdictions. After convening events in Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and other locations across the country to gain insight on existing programs, Pew will release a study that policymakers can use as a guide for adoption of EV policies across the United States. Efforts to eliminate local market barriers to use of the vehicles also will help inform comprehensive national EV policies.