Bernalillo County Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Action Plan

Bernalillo County Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Action Plan


Bernalillo County , New Mexico


Bernalillo County Place Matters Team; Mountain View Neighborhood Association; Vecinos de Mountain View; Mountain View Community Advisory Council

This HIA, carried out by Bernalillo County Place Matters Team, evaluated the health impacts of the county Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Action Plan. The HIA focused on the plan’s potential impact to pedestrian and bicycle accessibility and safety along Mountain View’s Second Street. Several health determinants that could be affected by the plan were considered, including: increased physical activity; reduced motor vehicle use; increased social cohesion; increased safety; and increased overall health and well-being of residents. These determinants were examined in relation to health outcomes such as diabetes, obesity, mental health, and accidental injury or death. The HIA offered several recommendations for adoption of the plan, such as installing traffic calming devices; improving safety features of the elementary school zone; installing crosswalks, street lights and traffic signals; installing bus shelters at bus stops; installing sidewalks and walking paths; and rerouting truck traffic to improve safety and air quality.

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  • Status Complete
  • Completion Date 2012, June
  • Decision-Level County
  • Sector Transportation
  • Organization Type Nonprofit