Route 34 East-Downtown Crossing


New Haven , Connecticut


Yale School of Medicine

This HIA focused on informing the redevelopment plan of Route 34 East, part of a larger project in the City of New Haven called the Downtown Crossing Project. The Project will replace the road with developed land. With a focus on physical activity and pedestrian and cyclist safety, the HIA found that, overall, the Project would increase physical activity. At the same time, the HIA also found that because there would likely be more bike and foot traffic, there could be an increased total number of injuries, and therefore recommended strategies to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety.


As a result of the HIA, the authors reported that the process fostered interdisciplinary collaboration and helped find shared goals between civic, community, and academic groups. The HIA team plans to monitor whether specific HIA recommendations are included in the final plans for Route 34 redevelopment.

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  • Status Complete
  • Completion Date 2012
  • Decision-Level Local
  • Sector Transportation
  • Organization Type Educational Institution