Lee CrocketLee Crockett's “Overfishing 101” blog provided an authoritative primer on federal fisheries policy. It also spotlighted historic milestones and celebrated success stories. His new series, “The Bottom Line,” will continue to explore fisheries management issues, while taking on other related subjects to provide a more in-depth look at the issues facing our ocean fish. With this blog, we hope to continue these informative discussions, cut through the rhetoric, and encourage more people to take an interest in ocean fish conservation.

The Bottom Line Series

  • Tracking the Telltale Signs of a Healthy Ecosystem

    Puffin chicks on Alaska’s Aleutian Islands might not be the first thing to come to mind if your task is to set next year’s fishery catch limits for the enormous and productive eastern Bering Sea. But how successfully these charismatic creatures are reproducing from year to year provides surprisingly important clues about the status of the overall ecosystem—including fish... Read More

  • Hold That Salad. It’s Not What You Think.

    If it sounds like a sea cucumber should be a vegetable, don’t reach for your salad bowl.Although shaped like our popular produce item, these wormlike creatures are found throughout the world’s oceans. They can grow from less than an inch to nearly 10 feet. They don’t have a brain; nerves guide them instead. And they boast a unique defensive system. Scare one and it will expel... Read More

  • No Whale Tale: Anchovy Feeding Frenzy Is a Mirage

    Over the past few months, onlookers have flocked to California’s Monterey Bay to watch humpback whales gorge on thick schools of anchovies. Dolphins, seabirds, and bigger fish also congregated in the bay to feed on the large concentration of anchovies clustering near shore. Read More


Christine Fletcher

Officer, Communications