H.R. 2304: A Bill that Would Weaken Fisheries Science and Jeopardize Efforts to Prevent Overfishing

Congress should reject H.R. 2304 because it would undermine the progress we've made preventing overfishing for some of America's most valuable and vulnerable ocean fish populations.

The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, the federal law that governs management of our nation's ocean fish, requires managers to set science-based annual catch limits (ACLs) to ensure sustainable fishing for all U.S. ocean fish populations by the end of 2011. Now, just as we are nearing the finish line, the misnamed "Fishery Science Improvement Act" would jeopardize the goal by undermining the ACL requirement in several ways.

Learn more about this short-sighted bill, and how it would affect different regions of the country by reading our fact sheets.

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