Unrepresentative: The Demographics of State Legislatures

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Stateline and the National Conference of State Legislatures look at the makeup of state legislatures, from gender to racial and educational backgrounds. The four-part series includes analytical articles and interactives.

Part One: Stalled Progress for Women in State Legislatures

Women are less likely than men to be recruited by political parties and other players. 

Part Two: Legislative Boundaries, Lack of Connections Lead to Few Minority Lawmakers 

The number of state legislators from ethnic and racial minorities has increased since 1971. But African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and Asian-Americans remain under-represented in state capitols across the country. 

Part Three: State Legislatures Have Fewer Farmers, Lawyers; Education Level Varies

Are lawyers better at making laws than farmers and businessmen?

Part Four: In State Legislatures, Millennials Are Often Left Out

State legislators across the country tend to be older than the people they represent. And the millennial generation is the most under-represented.

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