What We’re Reading: Top State Stories 10/10

  • October 10, 2016

NJ: New Jersey Legislature sends 23-cent gasoline tax hike to governor


Lawmakers gave final approval to increasing the tax to 37.5 cents a gallon as part of a $16 billion deal to fund road, bridge and transit projects for eight years. New Jersey hasn’t raised its tax since 1988.

IL: Same-day voter registration will be an option Nov. 8 in Illinois


Same-day voter registration will be available in Illinois on Election Day after the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied an attempt to expedite a case that challenges the state’s registration law.

AR: Arkansas governor to propose income tax cut


Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he thinks Arkansas could conservatively afford a $50 million-a-year income tax cut, even amid some economic uncertainty. He has yet to decide, however, how a large a cut he will ask the General Assembly to approve next year.

NC: North Carolina lawmakers consider lottery reforms to safeguard games


North Caroline lawmakers, as well as lottery officials, say they will examine how to safeguard the integrity of games after The Charlotte Observer found hundreds of players who beat staggering odds time and again to win jackpots.

NH: New Hampshire State House dome shines


The golden dome atop the New Hampshire State House shines with a brilliance not seen for a generation, as a $2.6 million renovation project nears completion in the run-up to the building's bicentennial in 2019.

PA: More than 3,000 rape kits remain untested in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania’s auditor has found that the state has more than 3,000 untested rape kits, and has asked lawmakers to form a commission to evaluate funding so that the kits can be tested.

FL: Florida Democrats sue to extend voter registration


Florida Democrats sued Republican Gov. Rick Scott, asking that the registration deadline be extended by a week because of disruptions caused by Hurricane Matthew.

OK: Oklahoma workers’ compensation system under new scrutiny


Three years after passage of sweeping legislation that revamped Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation system, courts are scrapping significant parts of the law in decisions that say the regulations are unconstitutional and do not provide adequate protection to workers.

WI: Attempts to let felons vote in Wisconsin, like the rest of the nation, typically fail


In Wisconsin, a high felony conviction rate means disenfranchisement for one out of every nine black voters. Like much of the rest of the nation, Wisconsin is deeply divided politically over restoring the right to vote to felons — a fracture that affects millions of convicted criminals who have done their time.

KS: Kansas to face challenges as population ages


Nearly a quarter of Kansas' population will be over age 60 by 2030. And while additional elder care and late-life housing options will be needed, experts on aging note that fewer dollars likely will be available to pay for them.