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  • June 26, 2015

CA: California lawmakers approve strict mandatory vaccination bill


The California Assembly voted to impose one of the strictest immunization requirements in the nation by endorsing an end to exempting schoolchildren from vaccines on religious or personal beliefs. The Senate must approve Assembly amendments before the bill is sent to Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.

US: U.S. Supreme Court backs broad interpretation of fair housing


In a ruling that could affect state and city affordable housing programs and zoning laws around the nation, the justices ruled that policies that effectively segregate minorities can violate the U.S. Fair Housing Act even when there’s no evidence of purposeful discrimination.

KS: Judge blocks Kansas’ ban on second-trimester abortion procedure


A Kansas judge blocked the state's first-in-the-nation ban on a procedure that abortion foes describe as dismembering a fetus, concluding that the ban would likely present too big an obstacle for women seeking to end their pregnancies.

NH: New Hampshire governor vetoes budget


Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan vetoed the $11.35 billion budget sent to her by lawmakers, saying it is unbalanced and contains tax giveaways to big corporations that the state cannot afford.

ME: Half-dozen Maine lawmakers to launch effort to impeach governor


Six lawmakers said they will seek to bring impeachment proceedings against Republican Gov. Paul LePage for allegedly trying to push Democratic House Speaker Mark Eves out of a new job at a charter school.

IL: Illinois governor vetoes state budget


Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed the remainder of the state's operations budget, saying it was as much as $4 billion out of balance. Earlier in the week, he approved funding for elementary and secondary education so Illinois’ public schools can open on schedule this fall.

PA: Pennsylvania court strikes down gun law


A Pennsylvania court overturned a law that enabled organizations, including the National Rifle Association, to sue municipalities over tighter gun laws. Under the law, some municipalities faced lawsuits, while dozens of others repealed firearms statutes in fear of being sued.

OH: Ohio Senate approves $130 billion budget for 2 years


The plan includes income-tax reductions, a cigarette tax hike, more school funding and new restrictions on abortion clinics. It goes to the Ohio House for a final vote before heading to Republican Gov. John Kasich's desk. 

US: Costs and consequences of bad government data


Even as states increasingly rely on data for management and strategy, the information itself has fallen dangerously short of the mark. Sometimes it doesn't exist at all. But worse than that, all too often it's just wrong.

TX: Texas leads challenge against proposed smog rules


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality—arguing that any health benefits won't be worth the cost of new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ozone standards—is paying a private company $1.65 million to challenge the science being used to set them.

AZ: Arizona lawmaker: Take down Jefferson Davis memorial


A Democratic state lawmaker called for the removal of a memorial along a stretch of rural Arizona highway bearing the name of the president of the Confederate States of America.