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  • February 09, 2015

ME: Maine legislation seeks to eliminate bail system for offenders


The bill would eliminate the state’s cash bail system and replace it with a risk assessment model that would allow low-risk individuals to be released until their criminal charges are resolved. Prosecutors are opposed.

AL: Alabama chief justice orders ban on same-sex marriage licenses


Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Sunday evening ordered the state's probate judges to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, defying a federal judge's decision striking down the state's ban on same-sex marriage that Moore said was not binding on state courts and that caused "confusion" in the state.

HI: Bill could double overtime rates for Hawaii’s retail employees working holidays


The measure would increase overtime compensation for employees to three times their normal wage rates. Typically, workers receive time-and-one-half their regular rate when they work on holidays.

CA: Governor seeks money for fixing California roads as gas tax value plunges


Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration is studying whether to tax drivers by miles traveled instead of gas guzzled as lawmakers also look at new ways to pay for crumbling roads, bridges and highways.

UT: Bill advances to weaken texting ban in Utah


By a single vote, a bill has advanced that could erase a law enacted last year to make it easier to enforce a ban on texting while driving.

MN: State prepares for release of more sex offenders


As the sex offender program heads to court Monday, the state already is preparing for more people to be released. Lawyers representing hundreds of men and one woman in the program say it's unconstitutional to hold them after they have served sentences.

KS: Kansas judiciary reflects little racial diversity


The population in Kansas is growing more diverse with each census, but that has not been reflected in the judiciary. People of color make up 3 percent of all the judges on the state bench.

OH: Adult drivers' education, crackdown on distracted driving urged


The Ohio Department of Public Safety wants new adult drivers to take a driver education course to get a license and make "distracted driving," including using a cell phone, an offense carrying a fine.

NM: Lawmakers’ approval sought on gambling compacts


The Navajo Nation and other tribes whose gambling agreements with New Mexico expire in June will soon ask state lawmakers to endorse a new pact they have negotiated with the governor.

IA: Bridge, road funding woes drive Iowa counties’ debt


Four adjacent counties in Iowa's northern tier lead the state in per-capita debt, and they got there by taking out bonds for road and bridge improvements.

MD: Governor reaches out to Democratic legislative leaders after panned speech


Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan met privately Sunday with the Democratic Senate president and has reached out to the Democratic House speaker about getting together this week. The two panned Hogan’s maiden state of the state address last week as sounding too much like a campaign speech.