Editor's Picks From Around the Web

  • July 10, 2015

MO: Missouri Gov. Nixon signs sweeping court bill, ending predatory fines


The Missouri municipal court reform bill will cap court revenue and impose new requirements in an attempt to end what was called predatory fines and jail terms aimed at the poor. The measure is a response to practices exposed by last year’s shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

NJ: Paid sick days bill stalls in New Jersey Legislature


The bill, stalled by differences between the Senate and Assembly, is designed to provide New Jersey workers with paid sick days.

PA: Pennsylvania governor vetoes public pension bill


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a Republican plan that would have enrolled future state and public school workers in a 401(k)-style retirement plan. The Democratic governor already has vetoed a state budget put forth by the Republican-led legislature.

WI: Wisconsin Assembly passes bill banning abortion after 20 weeks


The Assembly sent Republican Gov. Scott Walker a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks from fertilization. The procedure at that stage of development occurs infrequently in Wisconsin.

OH: Ohio boosts its rainy day fund to $2 billion


Ohio deposited more than $526 million into its rainy day fund, lifting the balance of the reserves account that was once at just 89 cents to more than $2 billion. The fund is a hedge against economic downturns.

FL: Florida cities jump into fight over solar power proposal


The Florida League of Cities wants the state Supreme Court to reject a proposed 2016 ballot amendment that would allow homeowners and businesses to sell solar power. Private and municipally owned utility companies say such an amendment would void the franchise fees they pay to be an exclusive source of electric power to cities.

CA: California’s drought toll rises


About 564,000 acres of farmland will lie fallow in California this year because of the drought, researchers from the University of California, Davis, say. They calculate that will mean $1.8 billion in lost farm revenues and 8,550 fewer farm jobs.

MD: Maryland governor orders review of state business regulations


Republican Gov. Larry Hogan launched a commission to examine which state regulations are making it unduly difficult to do business in Maryland.

IL Illinois House passes pay cap for departing community college presidents


The measure would limit severance packages for Illinois community college presidents to a year's salary and benefits. The legislation is in response to a retirement payout of $763,000 for one departing president.

ID: Avian flu found in Idaho


Avian flu has been found in wild birds and backyard poultry flocks in Idaho, leading to heightened state efforts to control it before it infects commercial poultry. Outbreaks have recently been found in California, Oregon, Utah and Washington.