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  • September 16, 2014

OR: Oregon seniors facing retirement crisis


The state treasurer says a dire lack of retirement savings among many older Oregonians should be addressed with a state-sponsored plan aimed at boosting savings for those who have none.

TN: Tennessee hasn't inspected tobacco farms since 2006


Tennessee has virtually no oversight of child labor on tobacco farms, and it is one of 17 states that specifically exempts agricultural workers — of any age — from workers' compensation claims.

MD: Plunge in federal hiring takes toll on Maryland


Hiring by Maryland's largest employer — the federal government — has fallen by more than 40 percent nationally over four years, and the state's job market is feeling the pain.

WV: West Virginia law enforcement warned about ‘sovereign citizens’


State and federal officials have warned West Virginia law enforcement about the “sovereign citizens” movement, which is on the rise in the state. The group rejects taxes and local, state and federal laws and is considered the top potential terrorist threat in the U.S.

IL: County fairs wither as hamstrung Illinois lessens financial aid


With state budgets under pressure and industrial agriculture helping to drain the countryside’s population, urban legislators face tough choices. Illinois cut support for county fairs by 38 percent as attendance fell by almost a third from 2000 to 2013.

TX: Home insurers' hefty hikes unchallenged by Texas commissioner


Texas’ insurance commissioner has allowed the three biggest home insurers to impose hefty rate hikes on two-thirds of their policyholders, ignoring strong objections from the state consumer advocate for insurance.

KY: Felons feel they’re getting closer to voting rights in Kentucky


Supporters of automatically restoring voting rights for most felons hope the next session of the Kentucky General Assembly will give felons the same rights they have in many other states.

WA: Airport official fired after state investigation


An auditor's report concluded that $116,629 from a fund in the airport manager’s office that issues credentials and collects fines had been misappropriated between April 2007 and March 2014.

OH: Ohio’s early voting schedule expanded while court ruling is under appeal


Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted has set new early, in-person voting hours for all 88 Ohio counties to comply with a federal court judge's order that he continues to appeal.

FL: Despite progress, problems — new and old — pop up in Florida’s Medicaid program


Florida recently finished rolling out a new way of providing care to more than 3.5 million low-income Floridians. But some groups say the new system is still plagued with problems.

MA: Catholic bishops endorse repealing casino law


The state’s four Roman Catholic bishops formally called for repeal of the law at the ballot in November, saying “expanded gaming in the Commonwealth opens the door to a new form of predatory gaming.

NJ: Court pulls plug on NJ’s plan to build new natural gas power plants


Yet again, a court has struck down New Jersey’s efforts to develop new natural gas power plants in the state, a strategy relying on extensive subsidies from utility customers to spur developers.