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  • August 18, 2014

MO: Missouri governor bringing in National Guard to help restore calm in Ferguson


Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon announced early Monday that he was activating National Guard troops to help quell unrest sparked by the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer more than a week ago.

US: Hospitals reconsider charity for patients who decline health coverage


As more Americans gain insurance under the federal health law, hospitals are rethinking their charity programs, with some scaling back help for those who failed to sign up for coverage.

NE: Minimum wage hike will be on Nebraska’s ballot


Nebraska’s minimum wage would rise from $7.25 an hour to $9 if voters approve.

CA: Record number of out-of-state students brings windfall for University of California system


More than a fifth of all UC freshmen will come from out of state and pay an additional $23,000 each in tuition, raising an estimated $400 million in extra revenue that officials say helps support the education of Californians.

TX: Perry calls indictment a political ploy


A steamed Republican Gov. Rick Perry decried a grand jury's indictment of him on two felony counts, saying allegations that he abused his power by threatening to veto funding for the state's anti-corruption unit were politically motivated.

NJ: Christie’s bridge legal billings exceed $7 million


Among the 11 law firms that submitted invoices related to the George Washington Bridge traffic jam scandal, one New York firm’s tally came to $6.52 million for work including a 360-page report that concluded Republican Gov. Chris Christie had no prior knowledge of politically motivated tie-ups last fall.

MS: State sought 75 literacy coaches, hired just 41


Mississippi education officials hired only 41 of 75 literacy coaches needed for struggling student readers as part of a new legislative initiative.

AR: Two lawmakers to call for scrapping lieutenant governor job


Two Arkansas state senators plan to introduce a proposed constitutional amendment during the next legislative session to eliminate the lieutenant governor's office.

OK: Oklahoma cities consider water conservation options


As demand for water grows, state and local officials are looking at ways to make better use of the water the state has available, including reusing water that flows down residents’ sinks, showers and toilets.

WA: Promise of a ‘clean coal’ future far from reality


FutureGen hopes to remake an aging Illinois power plant into a showcase for “clean coal” by capturing carbon-dioxide emissions and storing them underground. But the troubled effort has broader problems.

ID: Thousands line up for school supply giveaway


In a continuing sluggish economy, the number seeking help has grown since the giveaway began in 2005 for families that need a hand getting ready for school.

KS: Kansas to square off with feds in court over citizenship, voting rights


Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach and lawyers for the U.S. Justice Department will soon face off in a Denver appeals court, arguing a landmark federal case over proof of citizenship and voting rights.