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  • July 28, 2014

US: Colorado River Basin drying up faster than previously thought


A new study says seven Western states that rely on the Colorado River Basin for valuable water are drawing more heavily from groundwater supplies than previously believed, the latest indication that an historic drought is threatening the region’s future access to water.

VA: Corruption trial of former Virginia governor begins


Former Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, arrived at a U.S. Courthouse today for the start of their federal corruption trial, the first ever corruption trial of a Virginia governor.

CA: California governor to meet in Mexico with religious leaders on immigration crisis


Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, who so far has said little about the immigration crisis on the border, will meet privately with religious figures in Mexico City this week to discuss the matter.

DC: Washington, D.C. police won’t enforce handgun ban


Police were told Sunday not to arrest people for carrying handguns on the street in the wake of a judge’s ruling that overturned the city’s principal gun control law.

MA: Massachusetts auto insurance rates back up


The deregulation of the state’s auto insurance market in 2008 resulted in immediate and significant savings for Massachusetts consumers. But it didn’t last long.

R.I.: State studying pay equity in Rhode Island agencies


Rhode Island has hired a consultant to review and recommend restricting classifications and pay for 13,800-plus state workers.

PA: Many disabled workers earn far below minimum wage


In jobs that some see as opportunities, others as exploitation, about 13,000 disabled Pennsylvanians are earning an average of $2.40 an hour in a legal use of subminimum wages.

NY: Bulking up on private details


Several New York state police departments report private duty overtime to the retirement system, allowing officers to boost their public pensions by working private details at supermarket grand openings and rock concerts.

NE: Emails show state prison officials ignored the law


Nebraska prison officials knew some inmates were being released anywhere from six months to 15 years early but failed to act, according to emails obtained by a newspaper.

CT: After legislative defeat, gun owners aim for election success


Gun rights activists in Connecticut are planning to fight back at the polls in response to sweeping gun control legislation passed last year.

NH: State’s abortion clinic buffer zone law in legal limbo


A federal judge has put on hold all legal action concerning New Hampshire’s abortion clinic buffer zone law, but has not ruled the law unconstitutional.