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  • July 25, 2014

TX: Texas National Guard could get arrest power


By deploying the 1,000 National Guard members himself rather than through Washington, Republican Gov. Rick Perry has the power to order the troops to make arrests and apprehensions, something Guard troops in past border deployments have been prohibited from doing.

CA: California attorney general asks lawyers to help immigrant children


California Attorney General Kamala Harris has personally asked several major law firms to provide pro bono services to unaccompanied immigrant children flooding the U.S. border with Mexico, a signal that California views the growing crisis as a humanitarian issue. 

WY: Wyoming school districts request inflation-adjusted funding


Seven school districts are arguing that the state has underfunded K-12 schools in the past several years by failing to adjust for inflation. 

VT: Slower growth prompts Vermont budget cuts


The state is expected to bring in less money in tax revenues in the next year than previously anticipated, prompting Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin to call for a 2 percent cut in state government spending.

DE: Delaware road, bridge projects are delayed


Dozens of road, bridge and safety projects in Delaware have been put on hold because of budget cuts.

AK: State commits $125 million in gas line deal that stays secret


A new agreement between Alaska and the three major oil companies that includes a state commitment of up to $125 million will remain confidential to the public and to legislators under terms of a broad legislative grant of secrecy governing gas pipeline work.

NJ: Tensions erupt over last-minute push to overhaul New Jersey bail system


At issue are a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow judges to deny bail to defendants they determine pose a danger to the public, obstruct justice or are a flight risk, and a bill that would establish non-monetary alternatives so that minor offenders don’t have to remain in jail because they can’t afford bail.

WI: State Supreme Court backs police in cellphone tracking


Wisconsin’s highest court ruled that police can track suspects through their cellphone location without needing a warrant.

R.I. Unemployed must post resumes online or lose benefits


Those who receive unemployment benefits must soon post their resumes to an online job board or lose their weekly state assistance. 

ME: Law aimed at repeat drunk drivers takes effect August 1


The “worst of the worst” drunk drivers face stiffer penalties and longer consideration of their past offenses under a new Maine law.

MD: Marylanders received $17 million in insurance refunds under health reform rule


Health insurers refunded more than $17 million to about 206,000 Marylanders last year because of a rule in the federal Affordable Care Act limiting how much the companies can spend on overhead costs as opposed to providing care.

OH: Ohio Democrats renew their call to freeze state death penalty


Democratic state lawmakers have renewed their call for a statewide death penalty moratorium following Wednesday's controversial execution in Arizona.