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  • July 07, 2014

FL: Florida shifts Medicaid mental health strategy


Florida this month became the first state to offer a Medicaid health plan designed exclusively for people with serious mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar conditions.

NC: Opponents seek halt to sweeping voter law in North Carolina


A federal judge will be asked today to block key provisions of North Carolina's overhauled voter law, including fewer early voting days and the elimination of same-day registration, from remaining in effect for November's midterm elections.

LA: Alcohol sales at Louisiana movie theaters rest with local officials


With Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal’s approval, movie theaters across Louisiana are now able to apply to sell alcohol under certain conditions.

MI: Testing ground for a new Detroit


Mayor Mike Duggan promised immediate improvements after Detroit hit a low point last year, becoming America’s largest to file for bankruptcy. The North End captures both the hope and challenge of the mayor’s pledge.

WA: Retailers, processors prepare for first legal pot sales 


Recreational marijuana stores have been hustling to set up shop while growers and processors are racing to package pot so it’s ready to deliver Tuesday, when the first stores are expected to open. 

SD: South Dakota benefits require some travel for lowest rates


Changes in their benefits will require some state workers to travel to cities more than three hours away to get the best rates for specialty health care.

AZ: Phoenix pension reform ballot dispute could head to court 


Before a single vote is cast, legal disputes surrounding a November ballot initiative to end Phoenix's employee pension system could land in court.

ND: North Dakota at the top for jobs


The energy boom has lifted North Dakota to first in job creation as most other states haven’t regained the jobs they lost during the recession. 

KS: Scientists struggle to learn why ground is shaking in Kansas


The Kansas quakes are part of a major escalation in earthquakes that have struck the nation’s heartland in the wake of the oil and gas boom.

OH: Spills of hazardous material on rise in Ohio


Ohio leads the country in hazardous material transportation accidents.

WV: Businesses don’t want guns, but won’t ask you to leave


At least five national chains with branches in West Virginia would rather you not bring guns to their businesses, although it’s legal to do so.

LA: Louisiana will devote more than $6.2 million in tax dollars to 'Duck Dynasty'


Taxpayers will end up paying at least $6.2 million to the producers and stars of "Duck Dynasty" through a government subsidy.

WI: State sets out to create Wisconsin biking network


Wisconsin officials and bike advocates are taking steps to map out dozens of bike routes across the state.