Wisconsin Supreme Court Retains Conservative Tilt

  • April 03, 2013
  • By Jake Grovum (2)
Justice Pat Roggensack has won re-election. (Photo: Courtesy, WRN.com)

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will retain its conservative leanings after Justice Pat Roggensack easily won re-election over a Marquette University law professor in a statewide vote Tuesday.

Roggensack secured more than 57 percent of the vote in her race against Ed Fallone, a lawyer and professor with no experience as a judge.

The race gained attention from both sides of the political aisle ahead of Tuesday's vote. With Roggensack up for re-election, liberals saw an opportunity to shift the balance of power on the state Supreme Court, which is generally thought to have a 4-3 conservative majority.

With Tuesday's results, that political divide will remain as the court could face a swath of controversial and consequential issues in the near future: the state's voter ID law, Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining overhaul, and mining proposals.

As Stateline reported, the issues drew an infusion of cash and campaign activities for both candidates, as political parties, business group and labor unions rallied supporters and spent tens of thousands of dollars each backing their candidate ahead of the vote.

The court had also been pulled into the political acrimony that took hold in the state during Walker's collective bargaining push. And during the campaign, Fallone and his supporters sought to paint the court as dysfunctional and overly political, charges that Roggensack rejected.