Virginia Set to Lift Limit on Monthly Handgun Purchases

  • February 03, 2012
  • By John Gramlich
Virginia Republicans, now in charge of both chambers of the legislature as well as the governorship, are set to lift a 19-year-old state law preventing residents from purchasing more than one handgun a month.

The Washington Post reports that the change has been a longtime priority for the Virginia gun lobby, which is finding a friendlier atmosphere in Richmond since the GOP took control of the state Senate — the last remaining Democratic bastion in state government — after the November election. Republicans had already controlled the state House and governor's office.

The monthly handgun ban is one of several pro-gun bills making progress early in this year's legislative session. "This week," The Post reports , "the Senate passed a bill prohibiting localities from requiring that people seeking concealed handgun permits submit fingerprints as part of their applications. The House passed a bill allowing government employees to store guns and ammunition in personal cars parked in workplace lots, including those at child-care centers and parks."

Other longtime conservative goals are making similar headway in Richmond. On Wednesday, the state Senate approved a contentious measure requiring women seeking abortions to first undergo ultrasound examinations, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. "The GOP-dominated House of Delegates is expected to give the measure swift approval," the paper reports, and Governor Bob McDonnell is expected to sign it.