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Ohio Election Reforms Fail Despite Scandals

  • November 07, 2005
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Advocates failed to win approval for four electoral reforms on the ballot in a year tainted by scandals in   Ohio government, including an investment scheme in a rare coin fund, dubbed "Coingate," and Gov. Bob Taft's (R) guilty pleas for not reporting dozens of free golf outings with lobbyists.

  • Redistricting  (lost 70-30) - would have taken the power to draw legislative and congressional districts away from a panel of five elected officials and put it in the hands of non-politicians. 
  • Absentee ballots  (lost 63-37) - would have let voters cast absentee ballots as early as 35 days before an election without giving a reason 
  • Campaign finance  (lost 67-33) - would have rescinded higher contribution limits passed by legislators last year 
  • Elections  (lost 70-30) - would have created a State Board of Elections to oversee voting, taking the duty away from the secretary of state