Values for the U.S. territories of American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands are not shown in this map.

Territory Potential jobs Current jobs supported by visitor spending Visits Visitor spending (millions) Economic output (millions)
American Samoa 8 21 28,893 $2 $2
Guam 62 356 488,987 $29 $35
Puerto Rico 180 1,065 1,456,552 $85 $104
Virgin Islands 239 903 582,167 $70 $93


Delaware and the Northern Mariana Islands do not include any National Park System units that collect visitor spending data.

All $ figures are in millions


Cadmus Group analysis of National Park Service data from fiscal 2016; National Park Service, “2016 National Park Visitor Spending Effects” (2017),

For more information on this analysis, please see the methodology or view  Cadmus Group’s report, “Restoring Parks, Creating Jobs: Infrastructure Restoration in the National Park System Can Create Jobs” (2017),